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Originating from a creative marketing postition in a leading international agency, she left her job in Madrid in 2009 and went to California to follow her old and unforgotten dream…. Photography.


She spent two years studying the ART of PHOTOGRAPHY, working with numerous, wonderful photographers and by attending photography studies at the prestigious University of California in San Diego.


Nowadays she works based out of her own studio in Madrid that she established in 2011. Since 2013, some of her art is shown in selected exhibitions across Spain.


Fashion and women, children and family, portraits as well as diverse landscapes are some of the things she's been capturing with her cameras.


The style of her work is an impression of the many experiences she has had in the past years. Moreover they resemble the influence of various, inspiring photographers she has met along her way. Amongst others, intimacy and natural purity are the emotions she seeks to capture in her pictures.



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